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Yering Gorge, trampolines and ritual fire dance



Combining musical passion and innovative choreography, award-winning concert pianist Nicholas Young, along with 10-string virtuoso classical and flamenco guitarist Matthew Fagan, will be joined by flamenco dancers Laura Uhe and Fernando Mira and percussionist Marek Podstawek to present an exciting new performance at Deakin Edge on Saturday November 9. The performance combines exhilarating traditional flamenco elements of Spanish guitar with classical masterworks, including a flamenco interpretation of Bizet’s Carmen. We have five doubles to join the audience for this one-off event. Emails received on mjb2fagan@gmail.com before midnight tonight will register to win.

Danza el Vito Ritual Fire Dance.

Danza el Vito Ritual Fire Dance.Credit:


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Queenscliff Music Festival: Stephen Graves and Yashoda Boopalan.

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