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Would you like fries with that?


Instantly reminding the Oasis diehards of some of the most memorable gigs of their lives is a winning way to get things started, but it’s hardly the sign of an artist with much faith in the new material he is ostensibly on the road to promote.

Yet the opening choices soon prove not only to be justified but also not as tacky as they might sound. Gallagher’s solo-career attempts at stomping rock anthems performed on this night, such as Shockwave and The River, aren’t bad, they’re just not great, and he’s at peace with that.

So when he plays the many superior songs his estranged brother Noel wrote for Oasis, it’s not out of defeat. Like the guy living for the moment in Cigarettes and Alcohol, Liam wants everyone here to have the night of their lives, so why not give them the tunes that will do that?

For two-thirds of his set, then, he gives us the ultimate Oasis covers band. There isn’t a guitar riff out of place nor a classic unsung.

Stand by Me (sweetly dedicated to Australia’s “marvellous firefighters”) reminds us the notorious Be Here Now album wasn’t a total waste of time. There are unexpected treats in the very presence of an epic Columbia [sic] as well as in the way Roll With It rolls into Supersonic. A skyscraping Acquiesce proves bigger, even, than Wonderwall.

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