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What’s on TV: Friday, November 8


Inside the X Files

SBS Viceland, 8.30pm

For many of us, The X-Files was transformative, changing our ideas about what television could be and in many ways – with Twin Peaks – laying the groundwork for television’s current Golden Age. The production values were not what we were used to in serial TV, the pairing of a hard-headed rationalist female with an intuitive, creative male was something out of the box, it was one of the first shows to generate a huge online fan base in early-generation chat rooms and message boards, and we hadn’t had high-concept sci-fi on the small screen since The Twilight Zone, 30 years earlier. So, while this documentary has a few years on it, any fan will love the insights from cast and creatives – and the bloopers – along with what’s not so much a stroll down memory lane as a sprint through a darkened wood carrying a wobbly flashlight.

The X-Files

The X-Files

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