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TV and radio audiences have their say


Years and Years

Years and YearsCredit:SBS

Years and Years compulsory viewing 

Years and Years (SBS, Wednesday, 8.30pm); what a chillingly plausible prediction of things to come. I think it should be compulsory viewing for Americans before the next election.
Lesley Black, Frankston

All angles covered

Congratulations to SBS on their wonderful new series Years and Years, built around an extended family which includes every stereotype from gay couple, refugee man, disabled woman, black woman, Chinese child and nuclear protester to grandmother, visited annually for her birthday. With only one double episode aired, we are already anticipating repeated themes such as dancing around outdoor fires and complaints about the daughter-in-law who visits once a year, the recognition of contemporary issues from self-diagnosed gluten intolerance to nuclear missiles and wonder at the spectacular robotics, which even Grandmother can contend with, provided she checks the robot’s name inside her cupboard. Not to be missed.

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