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The runaway turtle with big city dreams – The Artsology Blog


I was looking through some recent photographs that I took and found two totally unrelated images that seemed to lend themselves to a fun little story.

Below left is a flyer on a telephone pole in Paramus, NJ, giving notice that “a beloved family pet” turtle has gone missing, and shows a picture of this turtle with some contact info (which we’ve blurred out for privacy purposes). Below left is a drawing of a turtle by New York artist Joseph Meloy, seen pasted to a wall somewhere in Chelsea, NYC.

Seeing the two side by side gives me the idea that maybe the missing turtle from Paramus, New Jersey, ran away from home in order to chase his dreams in the “big city” of New York … maybe he’s a studio assistant for Meloy, hoping for his own big break in the art world? Just kidding … but scroll down for more on the runaway turtle.

runaway turtle in NJ and turtle street art in NYC

Let’s take a closer look at the photograph of the missing turtle. His owner used to strap a belt on him and attached a leash to take him out for walks??? I’m trying to figure this out: first, who “walks” a turtle on a leash? Second, why would you even need a leash? It’s not like the turtle is going to run away faster than the owner can catch him if he wasn’t on a leash. Third, he was “last seen on Benton Road,” did he slip out of the belt and make a getaway? All sorts of interesting possibilities here.

a pet turtle out for a walk

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