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Sculpture Trail Coming To Wayne’s Laurelwood Arboretum


WAYNE, NJ – A sculpture trail will soon be added to Laurelwood Arboretum, giving park visitors the opportunity to simultaneously appreciate art and nature.

Altogether, 15 pieces are being curated by Boonton art gallery owner Scott Broadfoot for the art walk at the public park in Wayne.

The 30-acre grounds feature extensive displays of rhododendrons and azaleas, natural woodlands, winding paths, a sensory garden and an education center with a range of programming.

“The sculpture trail is free to the public,” he said. “Many of the works come from sculptors whose work you can find in places like Storm King and Grounds for Sculpture, except you would have to pay to see their work in those locations.”

By September 2020, visitors will be able to see pieces from Peter Reginato, Martha Walker and Robert Koch, to name a few. In addition to docent-led tours, school-age and adult education programs will be developed.

And, all sculptures will be available for sale through an exclusive agreement with Broadfoot’s fine art gallery. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Friends of Laurelwood.

A fundraising effort is underway to help purchase stone and pedestals to install three sculptures before December. Click here for the GoFundMe page.

So far, one piece has been installed – James Tyler’s “https://patch.com/”Lyemoja,” which is made of 125 hand-shaped and fired bricks.

Broadfoot said, “https://patch.com/”Lyemoja is an Orisha from the Yoruba religion of West Africa. She is the protector of all women, governing childbirth, conception, love, and healing. According to myth, when her waters broke, it caused a great flood creating rivers and streams. “Lyemoja also traveled in slave ships to the Americas where she evolved into a revered goddess of the sea among practitioners of Brazilian Umbandu and Candomble, Cuban Santeria, and Haitian Voodou.”

The idea for a free public art installation came from Broadfoot’s clients, Stuart and Leslie Reiser, he said.

The Reisers, who are Laurelwood Arboretum trustees, approached Broadfoot to help develop a trail that would be both a fundraiser and a way to bring world class art to Wayne.

“We are very excited for this opportunity to help this beautiful arboretum expand its goals and bring nature and art to the community,” he said.

A map will also be created telling people where to find each sculpture and information about the pieces to help the public appreciate the art.

To learn more about the trail, click here.

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