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Sculpture park being added to new La Crosse development | Local News


The Arch of Nature

The inaugural artwork for the new River Point Sculpture Park has already been commissioned, and a rendering of it is shown here. It will use organic material harvested directly from the park.

The La Crosse Arts Board has approved plans for a sculpture park that would serve as a gateway between downtown and the North Side.

The new art exhibit would sit on the southern side of the new development known originally as Riverside North, now under the name of River Point District, and will feature environmentally conscious artwork.

River Point Sculpture Park

The River Point Sculpture Park will reside on the southern part of the new River Point District, an early stages development just north of downtown.

La Crosse Arts Board officials expressed excitement about the new park’s possibilities and its uniqueness to the city’s parks and art community, saying “the way you experience it” is how it stands out.

The park will reside in the flood zone of the development area, and the Arts Board hopes to keep moving temporary artwork through the park to address the potential for things being destroyed by active weather.

The first project for the park has been approved and officials hope install it later this year.

The piece, known as “The Arch of Nature,” was designed by Roald Gundersen and is inspired by the Losey Memorial Arch at the Oak Grove Cemetery. It will be made up of organic material harvested directly from the park, including invasive species such as buckthorn and black locust.

 “We want sculpture in the Riverpoint Sculpture Park to be discovered,” said member Jennifer Williams, who spearheaded the project.

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