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RH Line calls published Tuesday, Jan. 14 – Loveland Reporter-Herald



We think when the city moves the “Equinox” sculpture, it should be moved to the location out west of Loveland by the retired “Redman” sculpture that used to be on the south shore of Lake Loveland, if accepted by the landowner. It needs to be retired to the same area where the other historical Indian is and would be a long-lasting tribute to the Arapaho and Plains Indians.

In reference to the “Equinox” three blue horses on railroad tracks sculpture out there at I-25 and U.S: 34. It’s to be taken down, dismantled and stored in pieces until a new location is chosen. The best new location would be on North Wilson in the Larimer County Landfill.

Metro districts

Saturday’s Reporter-Herald article on metro districts seems to indicate that Ward III councilor John Fogle is promoting the creation and use of metro districts in order for Loveland to grow by financing new developments. We don’t need to grow. We are too big already. Loveland City Council should concentrate on improving our existing infrastructure. Many roads are in bad shape. Many manhole covers are three or more inches below the road surface. Major waterlines need to be replaced, etc., etc. Take care of what we have and forget about expanding.

Traffic near McKee

All the traffic over by McKee (Medical Center) and people talking about roundabouts there or a light. The reason the traffic is so bad is because you can blame the city of Loveland. They put in that continuous-flow intersection over on Madison. What a joke. I never use that thing. I always go down to Boise. And to the city of Loveland: You’re the ones that created that mess; you’re the ones that need to fix it.

For the birds

The crows and ravens have gone away, and the downy woodpeckers, bluebirds, robins and chickadees have returned. It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Prairie dogs

This is regarding the article in today’s paper on the eradication or removal of prairie dogs on 280 acres of irrigable land in Boulder County. If you continue to grow and irrigate annual crops such as corn, sugar beets or wheat, the prairie dogs will not survive, because you are cultivating the land every year. This is a simple solution to somewhat of a controversial issue. If you stop farming the land, the prairie dogs may return.

Jared Polis

People never learn their lesson. Reading the Reporter-Herald whine line, people complaining about this Gov. Polis. That’s who we voted for. How stupid can you be to vote for somebody who’s gonna raise your taxes and take away your freedoms? That’s what Democrats do.


I’m a third-generation Colorado native. What can we expect from California? Homelessness and trash, drugs, needles, high taxes, high crime, no punishment, high fuel prices, too many illegals and less freedom.

2020 legislative session

In looking at the new bills that are proposed for Colorado’s state Legislature, I’m wondering why Democrats are protecting criminals. I thought their job was to protect all of us. Think about it, people.

Donald Trump

Trump is America’s great sham as a president. He’s a fake president, he makes illogical decisions and he lies all the time. Come on, people.

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