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RH line calls for Sunday, January 19, 2020 – Loveland Reporter-Herald


Property taxes

Wait, wait, wait. According to the write-up in the newspaper from the county assessors’ office, Larimer County collects over $100 million in property taxes alone and people are trying to say that’s not enough for the schools, the fire department and the libraries? Are you kidding me? Where does that money go? Do some executives or leadership take way way more salary than they should? I think I could manage $100 million way better than what they’re doing.

Regarding Irene Josey’s column in Saturday’s paper. She tells us Larimer County will be collecting $100,124,694 more in property taxes this year that will go to schools, fire departments and libraries. Seems like this is way more than enough money. Do not try to raise my taxes, I will vote no on every tax.

Does CSU pay property taxes? I can’t find that information anywhere. It would be interesting to know if they paid property taxes on the college campus and on that big stadium that we all just built. When I say we all, I mean I’m a tuition-paying parent and my tuition has gone up tenfold over the last four years.

‘Equinox’ sculpture

It is one thing to place a bronze sculpture in a green park where people can view it at their leisure. It is quite another to place vertical steel pipes and concrete out on the highway with people flying by in their cars at 80 miles per hour. Are people supposed to stop on I-25 or U.S. 34 to look at that so-called art? What a distracting hazard. No one but the creator knew what that thing was. Most visitors thought it was a road sign for the fairgrounds or a truck stop. It was dumb to put that thing out there. If you like the horse, buy it and put it in your yard.

The “Equinox” sculpture on the U.S. 34 I-25 overpass is something that helps distinguish Loveland from being just another northern Denver suburb or Fort Collins’ little brother. It’s a wonderful work of art and an important part of Loveland’s identity. I hope it can remain in a prominent place of display.

Gnat solutions

In regards to the lady calling about the gnats in her houseplants, I take a sheet of Bounce or fabric softener and cut it into little pieces depending on the size of my planter, and I put two or three on top of the soil after I water it each week and my gnats have completely gone. Once in a great while when I don’t change the bounce I see them coming back, but it works.

To the person with the gnat problem in your houseplants, get a very small container, put an inch of apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of oil in it and put Saran wrap over it with a tiny hole. The gnats will go after the apple cider vinegar and won’t be able to get out because the oil makes it too slippery for them.

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