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Old ambulance becomes couple’s ‘sculpture on wheels”https://www.kenoshanews.com/” State


It would be MOTR’s first live gig, although its owners are experienced performers.

Dye and Ingaldson will be making their music inside the ambulance, but have a series of cameras set up inside that will be used to project their performance on a blank wall outside.

Ingaldson hopes to start hosting concerts in less-conventional and remote venues like abandoned parking lots, thanks to MOTR’s mobility as a venue.

When they bought the ambulance, Ingaldson and Dye were almost too excited to realize the amount of work that was needed. It leaked. The engine was effectively useless in its current state. And it wasn’t really equipped to carry musical instruments.

“We did not realize the level of poor condition this ambulance was in,” Dye said.

They connected with Noconnoco Price, the owner of Goodwheel Service Center, 2100 Rapids Drive, across the street from Horlick High School.

With the ambulance’s massive engine — Price called it a “Big Block 4 460” — simply working on it and clearing out the gunk was a hardship.

“Everything is crammed into what is called a doghouse,” Price recalled. “Getting it cleaned out was by far our biggest challenge.”

There was rust everywhere. And because so many ambulances are custom-repaired over their years of service, there were not any schematics available to help Price figure out what was necessary and what could be removed in the mess of wires under the hood.

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