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New Sculpture Walk on display in downtown Kingsport


Curated by Catherine Murray of East Tennessee State University, this year marks the 12th sculpture walk exhibit in the Model City. Sculpture Walk XII will be on display through October 2020.

“We have a lot of talent on exhibit in these sculptures, not only from our region, but also from multiple states on the East coast,” said Hannah Powell, Cultural Arts Program coordinator for the city. “Our department’s mission is to not only showcase the arts and culture of Kingsport, but also to expose the Kingsport community to art and culture from all over the nation. The Sculpture Walk is a perfect example of that.”


“Pigeons” (located at the intersection of Main Street and Broad Street) is a concrete and bronze sculpture brought to Kingsport by artist Colleen Rudolf. Rudolf, from Philadelphia, is a professor of sculpture at Rowan College at Burlington County, Mt. Holly, New Jersey, and has a MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Opposite Rudolf’s sculpture, you can find Steve Bickley’s steel sculpture “SECO.” Bickley joins us from Blacksburg, Virginia, where he is a professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, and has shown his work in over 180 exhibitions. He received his degrees from the School of Art at East Carolina University and the University of Georgia.

Mike Roig’s new sculpture “Lean on Me” (located at the intersection of Broad and Center) is unlike his previously seen works. Fans will notice that instead of a rotating piece, Roig added color to this new installment. Roig lives and works in Carboro, North Carolina, and earned his BA from the University of Maryland. Kingsport’s permanent public art collection features Roig’s “Yo-Yo’s Muse” and “The Answer My Friend.”

Patti Lawrence’s steel sculpture “Lost and Found” (located at the corner of Sullivan and Main streets) is an assemblage created from the demolition site of the old Woolworths building on Broad Street. Lawrence is a local Kingsport artist, and her permanent art can be found at the Kingsport Center for Higher Education.

CR Gray’s “Popsicles” will be featured at the Kingsport Farmers Market. A native of Key West, Florida, Gray has shown “Popsicles” in various public art exhibits, and it is now coming to Kingsport from North Carolina. His sculpture will add a pop of color to the Farmers Market and will be a great photo opportunity for those visiting the market or carousel.

Jim Gallucci’s “Divine Wind” will continue welcoming onlookers coming from the west side of downtown at the Netherland Inn roundabout. This archway shows the repetition of the roundabout as onlookers pass through the curves. Gallucci has been a sculptor for more than 35 years and currently works full time sculpting in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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