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New interactive owl sculptures come to downtown Austin


AUSTIN (KXAN) — A pair of new interactive sculptures in downtown Austin are causing some buzz and turning heads, in more ways than one.

The two sculptures titled “Kempelen’s Owls” are located at the entrance to the Proper Hotel at 600 Second Street and are inspired by the Texas native the Great Horned Owl.

The large birds were created through 3D scans of local owls from the collection at the University of Texas’ Texas Memorial Museum. The 10 foot high sculptures are made of layered metal and composite material.

Made by the artist team New American Public Art, the owls are perched over benches that hide a secret for anyone curious enough to find it. Under each bench is a mechanism that will activate the owl’s rotating head.

“Kempelen’s Owls” are the first open-sourced permanent public artwork in the city.

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