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Marion teen’s sculpture a hit with Godzilla fans | Mmn


Many people have heard of Godzilla — King of the Monsters — but not many people have a passion for Godzilla quite like Ben Cox.

Ben is a 14-year-old student at East McDowell Middle School. His interest in the famous movie creature began at the age of 5 when his father showed him a clip from an old Godzilla film. “The King of Monsters” got a firm grip on the youngster.

Since then, he’s researched the Godzilla franchise and collected 71 figures and several movie posters. Recently, Ben has created his own Godzilla sculptures, works that have been getting some outside recognition.

His parents gifted Ben with some modeling clay this past Christmas and were pleasantly surprised by their son’s skill for recreating his favorite film icon. Ben has always enjoyed sculpting and his Godzilla sculptures are just his most recent project.

“He hasn’t dabbled in it — He has really put in a lot of effort,” said Ben’s mother, Sheena Cox.

Ben’s artistic efforts been recognized by a Facebook group dedicated to Godzilla fans. Before the New Year, Ben and his parents posted a photo of Ben and his sculptures. The photo received around 1,300 likes and over 200 comments from various other Godzilla fans from around the world.

“I plan to make more versions of Godzilla over the years,” Ben said when talking about his future projects. He also plans on sculpting a Godzilla movie rival — King Kong.

Ben said he hopes to use his creative talents in the film industry and eventually become a film director.

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