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Mangled bicycle as abstract sculpture – The Artsology Blog


I was walking through Belleville Park the other day when I noticed this pile of mangled metal, plastic, and rubber (below left) … some little girl’s pink bicycle, completely smashed and disfigured in a way that almost became abstract. It brought to mind the sculpture of John Chamberlain (an example of his work is seen below right), who took crushed steel from automobile parts and made them into distinctive metal sculptures.

Just to be clear here, I’m not suggesting an elevation of the crushed bike into art, and I’m not saying anything negative about Chamberlain’s work, which I like very much. I guess I was just surprised at how badly this bicycle was destroyed into a nearly-unrecognizable pile of parts. Chamberlain’s sculptures don’t resemble cars, but one recognizes that there are car parts there, which is the comparison point I’m making here. To learn more about John Chamberlain and his sculpture, check out his Wikipedia page here.

broken bicycle found in Belleville Park

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