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Littleton tea shop to feature national art exhibit


A tea shop in downtown Littleton is one of the buildings in the Denver area that received a small-scale bronze sculptural phrase from Mexico City-based artist Anuar Maauad and The Black Cube.

Part of the “Share” series of installations, the sculptural phrase at iN-TEA, 2440 W. Main St., Littleton, was put up Jan. 19. Other locations for the sculptures are dispersed throughout the Denver metro area and include residences, businesses, coffee shops, nonprofit organizations, offices, fences and more.

For a map of the sites, go to https://blackcube.art/exhibition/share.

The sculptures are small, with each letter measuring 2 inches tall. This is intentional, as the works are intended to encourage curiosity and be surprises to passersby, according to information from the Black Cube website.

The sculptural phrase mimics the thick, geometric, slab serif font and gold coloring of the Trump Tower sign, and Maauad’s sculptures relay an uplifting message: “To share is precious, pure, and fair.”

The phrase is a lyric from “I Want You” by American singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye. In doing so, the artist transforms an icon synonymous with power into an artwork that symbolizes kindness, the website said.

By engaging numerous public sites throughout the city and encouraging members of the community to disseminate a positive anecdote, the artist is acting out the message of his work, the release said. The sculptural phrases will remain gifts to participants who agree to publicly display the artwork for at least one year.

The Black Cube is a nomadic art museum, sponsoring artists from all over the world through a Fellowship Project Program. Learn more at https://blackcube.art.

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