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Giant inflatable Santa Claus showdown – The Artsology Blog


My Belleville (NJ) neighborhood is filled with holiday decorations, and I’ve been photographing them on my evening walks. Last night I noticed these two giant inflatable Santa Claus figures, side by side. It’s almost like the two neighbors are trying to out-do each other as to who has the bigger Santa …?

giant inflatable Santa Claus showdown
Are these neighbors competing against each other for the largest inflatable Santa?

Let’s take a look from a different angle. The faces are similar, but these are definitely two different inflatable Santas, as the one on the left is holding a small stuffed animal bear (or rather the inflatable version of one), and the one on the right has his arms out, holding a candy cane. But which one is taller? I’m going to have to give the nod to the Santa & Bear over Santa & Candy Cane … I’m guessing that Santa & Candy Cane is about 8 feet tall, but Santa & Bear, especially when seen compared to the front steps and door frame (below right), looks like he could come in at 10 feet tall or more!

two giant inflatable Santa Claus lawn decorations

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