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Gene Davis, real and imagined – The Artsology Blog


When I was in Miami this past January, I enjoyed seeing this Gene Davis painting titled “Blue Freak-Out,” 1966, at the Perez Art Museum. (scroll down for more)

Gene Davis painting Perez Art Museum Miami

And when I was in Washington D.C. last fall, I saw this striped fence, which reminded me of Gene Davis’ work. The funny thing is, Gene Davis was actually born in Washington DC in 1920, and lived most of his life there up until his death in 1985 … and considering the wear and tear on this fence, who is to say that maybe Gene Davis painted this in the 1980s? The art geek in me thinks it’s fun to imagine … and if nothing else, it’s great inspiration to paint a fence in this style!

Gene Davis inspired striped fence Washington DC

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