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Face effigy rock art found in Tennessee – The Artsology Blog


A while back, on one of our posts about rock art, we received a comment from a reader named Garth about some rock art that he had found near where he lived in Tennessee, and we asked him to send us a picture.

Here’s what he sent us … he explains: “I found this a few weeks ago. This was a tool as well as art. It fits so perfect in my hand. It’s amazing. I love finding things like this, knowing it spent time in some other person’s life a long time ago. It’s about five inches tall.”

We have Garth’s original picture below left, and then we’ve isolated the “head” of this face effigy profile view and copied it below right, so that you can see the shape more clearly.

found face effigy in profile rock art

What we think is pretty amazing about this rock art piece is that not only can one make out what appears to be an eye and forehead, a nose, a chin and neck, but even the top area has a ridge that suggests hair! This is a very cool piece and it’s a lot of fun when readers share their finds like this!

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