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Face effigy found in north Georgia – The Artsology Blog


If you’re a regular reader of the Artsology blog, then you know that we often have people sending us pictures of rock art or face effigies that they have found. The latest comes from Lisa S., who found the following piece in the Broad River in Ayersville, Georgia. She writes that “it is apparently a carving of a face; I have picked up hundreds of tools that seem Indian or from early paleo mound builders.”

As usual, I post these picture submissions with the message: if there’s anyone out there who is an expert on this type of thing, please share some info in the comments section below. My own curiosity about what Lisa wrote gave me some interesting information: in looking up the Broad River, I see that “prior to the 19th century, the Broad River in Georgia was used as a border between the territories of the Cherokee bands to the north, and the Creek people to the south.” I also looked up “Mound Builders” and learned a lot of new things. One thing about Lisa’s picture that intrigues me is the different color of the stone right where the eye would be, seeing this as a human profile. Do you see it?

face effigy found in Broad River in Georgia
This face effigy was found in the Broad River in Georgia.

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