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Elton John drops c-bomb on Perth concert security guards


“Let her up here immediately … come on you c—s.”

But he wasn’t finished yet.

“Morons. Both of you morons,” he continued his tirade. You don’t treat girls like that. Leave her alone you turds.”

Sir Elton’s reaction drew a mixed response from fans, with some taking to Twitter saying it “spoiled the atmosphere” while others said him calling out security made him a “bloody legend.”

Today Perth presenter Louise Momber was in the crowd when Sir Elton let loose, saying she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“He was so angry,” she said.

“He said he can’t stand violence against women and had to say something.

“He sang the next song and then immediately apologised for his rant – but said it’s something he’s really passionate about.

“It was certainly a side of Sir Elton I’d never seen before.

“One of the biggest music stars in the world – and he took on Perth security guards.”

It is not the first time Sir Elton has been caught swearing on stage – in March last year he told a fan to ‘f— off’ when he was touched on stage during a Las Vegas show before storming off.

In 2015 he suddenly turned on the staff who were trying to calm fans at the front of the crowd, comparing the stewards to Adolf Hitler when he performed at the Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucester.

A VenuesWest spokeswoman said a female patron was removed during the show from front of stage, with the approval of the Sir Elton’s security representative on stage.

“Under the circumstances, the security team acted appropriately and we (VenuesWest and security) worked together with Elton’s team to ensure that the event was safe and successful for the artist and the patrons,” she said.

It’s yet unclear why the woman was escorted from the crowd.

Concert promoter Chugg Entertainment has been contacted for comment.

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