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Dogs celebrated – but not allowed – at this park in Callicoon? – The Artsology Blog


I took a day trip to Callicoon, NY last month, and at one point in my explorations, I pulled into a parking lot at a park on Viaduct Road and got out to look around. There was a building with some murals, as you can see below left, and a sign at the entrance to the park, stating “Absolutely No Dogs Allowed On Property,” which you can see below right. But wait a second … what are those murals on the building? They’re paintings of dogs having fun, playing soccer and riding skateboards (scroll down to see details of each). So what’s the explanation here? Dogs are celebrated, but not allowed? Huh?

park in Callicoon with dog murals and No Dogs Allowed sign

Here’s a closer look at the paintings: dogs playing soccer with globes (?), and dogs riding skateboards. Hmm, dogs doing activities that one usually does at a park, but at a park that doesn’t allow dogs.

Dogs playing soccer mural at a park in Callicoon NY

painting of dogs riding skateboards at a park in Callicoon NY

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