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CU Boulder launches history, public art initiatives


University of Colorado Boulder graduate student Jasmine Baetz’s sculpture memorializing six students killed in bombings in Boulder during the Chicano rights movement has sparked conversation and change on campus.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano announced today the creation of the CU Boulder History Project, a new effort to deepen campus “understanding and collective recognition of underrepresented groups and their contributions to CU Boulder’s rich and complex history,” as well as a new committee to consider permanent art installations on campus.

Under current university policy, art installations like Baetz’s can be on campus for up to 180 days — a rule that Baetz and others have been pushing to change since the piece, “Los Seis de Boulder,” was installed this summer.

“Having the sculpture on campus for the past few months has really caused quite a bit of dialogue and discussion about issues from underrepresented minority groups and how they’ve impacted the university over the years,” DiStefano said.

“Los Seis de Boulder” was set to end its scheduled display on Feb. 8, but DiStefano granted a one month extension as both groups start work on bringing public art to the Boulder campus.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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