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Back in NYC, seeing old friends – The Artsology Blog


I was back in Manhattan yesterday for the first time in months, and went to see the current shows of Peter Saul and Jordan Casteel at the New Museum (more on those later), but afterwards I also did a lot of walking around lower Manhattan. I found myself really enjoying walking the streets of NYC again, as there is so much to see – especially street art – all over the place on the Lower East Side and in the East Village. It felt like I was seeing “old friends” again, such as this piece by City Kitty below left, and Mitchell Schorr, below right, as well as Fumero, at the very bottom. These are artists whose works I’ve seen in the streets (and sometimes at art fairs) over the years, so it was nice to see the work in person again.

street art by City Kitty and Mitchell Schorr in NYC

Incredible Hulk street art by Fumero in NYC

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