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An Old Forestry Service Test Station-Turned Modern Abode


Conner + Perry Architects recently transformed an old Forestry Service test station in Santa Monica Canyon into a modern home for a nature and art-loving couple in California. The original cabin was used during the Forestry Service’s Eucalyptus tree testing in the 1910-20s, so the couple believed it was important to salvage as much of the original structure as possible.

One of the most noticeable ways the architects honored the cabin’s rich history was by repurposing fallen Eucalyptus wood found on the property into key design elements within the house, including the entryway.

“We wanted something that looks like it belonged in the canyon,” explains owner Brad Schlei. “We wanted to feel like we were living amongst the trees.”

Key design features include windows that frame the outdoor trees and fully pocketing glass exterior walls that open to a central courtyard.

Each view throughout the home was designed to showcase either nature or art. Schlei’s wife, Jamie Price, is the daughter of Dallas Price and a MOCA board member, so she boasts quite the art collection.

Interior materials were chosen to reflect the nature outside, including a mix of massangis grey limestone and french oak for the flooring, weathered brass, blackened steel elements, and a variety of marbles and tiles.

Photos by Taiyo Watanabe.

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